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We want to the new users, don't be afraid of introduce yourself. we want to know what brought you here, how did you hear about us and a bit about you, if you like of course. use

today was a good day.
Just doing my CCW qualifier really quick.

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So, I've just heard WA's I1639 made it to the November ballot -- this is a victim shaming bill that criminalizing having been burglarized, to varying levels dependent on which crimes the thief commits with your stolen property.

Tell your Washingtonian friends to vote NO to victim shaming, I-1639

I think we need to make some of these hats for our users. Thoughts?

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**Biometric Apps Will Soon Be Pushed Across the Web**

This is a bad idea:

1. You can't "reset" your biometrics like a password.
2. Biometrics aren't hashable. The end result is they're less secure than other forms of authentication. (If you don't understand what this means, you're not qualified to have an opinion on this matter.)
3. You can't control what happens to your biometrics once they're in the hands of a 3rd party.

Please re-Toot.

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A few ays old, but did everyone see this? I know a bunch of people that used to do private sales

Sunday is Shooting day!!!
Anyone else did some shooting or anything good today?

this is wrong in so many ways!

does anyone else drink Black Rifle coffee?

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it's such an ugly place right now.

to our
visit their website and support them just like they're doing with us!
Thank you!!!

1. All guns are loud
2. There is no such thing as full semi-automatic
3. The gun doesn’t kick that hard
4. Every gun is design to inflict

I really thought the guy was going to fall down while shooting.

now more than ever, I feel like I need to do this to one of my guns.

was never my first option when it came to shipping things. After what's going on and the support they're showing to the , they're my #1 option now.